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You know what bitch, cut the fucking passive aggressive bull shit. I'm sorry that at 27, I had the drive to gather 50K and dump it into a business and you, having worked there for FUCKING EVER, and being 36 couldn't get it together in time to buy it. Be lucky I hired you at all and you still have a job (for now). I also don't care what your current financial situation is. You already make too much for what you do here, but I felt obligated to honor your previous wage. Maybe if you hadn't gotten knocked up AT 35 FUCKING YEARS OF AGE to a guy addicted to lottery tickets who fucking steals from you yet you still sleep with, you'd have some fucking money. Or maybe if you'd quit working two shitty part time jobs and actually get something decent that has a regular schedule, you'd be able to pay your bills on time. In the mean time, bringing it up in conversation out of thin air is not going to make me give you more money, you already make more money than I do, because I dont make anything. How long do you expect me to keep your head barely above water to my total detriment? Your days are fucking numbered.
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