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Originally Posted by Blitzgal View Post
Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer

My general understanding is the law has a general "keep your hands to yourself" rule which applies both to the groper and the gropee. You can choose to beat up the person who touches you but one of the consequences of that choice could be an assault charge.

*And the rule does apply to women as well. I remember one story about a group of lesbian women who were all charged with assault after beating up a guy who got aggressive with them after they ignored his catcalling attempts. He spit on them, and they beat the shit out of him. They were all convicted.
I guess I was thinking more of the scenario of being at a party, and not really about kicking the shit out of someone for it, but a shove first to let them know you were serious, then, depending on how gropey they got or continued to be, upping the response, for a female or straight dude.

If you ever really kick the shit out of someone, whether in your heart you feel they deserved it or not, you gotta be ready to get the hell out of there.
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