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Originally Posted by DudeEMETIB View Post
I can't stop playing Minecraft....right now my current world is pissing me off though....I can't find anything other than coal and reddust... red dust is so useless....okay I made a have no more use for me, stop showing up everywhere I mine!!

I want steel and diamonds!!

I have an underwater tunnel system that goes from a cave (where I mine) to an island (where I grow wheat and trees) and I'm starting to build two more mining sites to connect to the tunnels.

I wish there were a sort of market system, so I can get something for my excess amounts of red dust and

I'm more annoyed with the excessive gravel and dirt I end up with when I'm mining! I tried just creating a sort of dump for it all but after a while my game started freezing up because there was too much stuff in one area haha

Isn't red dust used for things like the redstone circuits? I'm still trying to come up with awesome reasons to make use of those...

Originally Posted by fluxquanta View Post
I think there's some Jimmy from South Park in there, too.
Hahaha that's very true. But hey Jimmy was a playa... so this guy is probably gettin' all the nerdy Electrical Engineering chicks with his massive circuit.

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