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Originally Posted by Junkenstein View Post
I see the point you're making. But "this day and age" isnt that much of accepting as many think it is. Being gay can still be a tough life for lots of people, anywhere (not only in religious backwards countries). And for some kids there's probably a background of intolerance in the family or in the clique of friends they chose, that the stress and pain could snap their head like a twig.

And using words like "coward" and "the easy way out" is as damaging as calling them "fags" (in the mean, hateful way).

Junk's exactly right on this. Kids are still being sent to indoctrination camps "in this day and age" to try to brainwash the gay out of them. They're still getting thrown out of their homes and disowned. Gay teens are still committing suicide at alarming levels.

Dan Savage has just started a campaign to reach out to gay kids in the heartland to let them know that there is a future for them. It's still pretty tough out there to be gay in America.

I'm also reading as an update to this story that charging the roommate and his friend with a hate crime is almost off the table at this point because the prosecutor thinks there is no way to prove it in court. So it will likely just be an invasion of privacy charge.
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