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Originally Posted by stulagu View Post

I think you're opinion is terrible. Am I being brutal? Not enough. You sound like a bigot.
QFT. I believe if that poor guy were are family member or a friend, marina would not have been so "brutal."

@ Marina - My best friend committed suicide last April. If you had said something to me about him dying because he wanted to take the easy way out or being harsh about his mental state, I don't think I could resist punching you in the face. No, he didn't do it because of his sexuality; he was deeper into a depression than any of my circle of friends could even fathom. There isn't a day that goes by where I don't hear a certain song and think about him, or see pictures and kick myself for not realizing just how upset he was.

I really hope that one responsible for taping that guy gets punished to the fullest extent.

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