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Originally Posted by marina View Post
I'm being totally brutal. But that kid was a coward in life and he is a coward in death. Both staying in the closet in this day and age in America and taking the easy way out when shit gets too harsh are cowardly choices.

I'm not saying that cowardice isn't called for from time to time. All sorts of dishonorable behavior has a legitimate justification. But it's still dishonorable.
Da fuck, you can't generalise and just say its easy for everyone so deal with it. You don't know that kid's up bringing, you don't know that kid's life. All the gay people I've known were massively torn when they realised they were gay and it took them a while to come to accept themselves. Its a crisis of identity and worth that you cant appreciate unless you've been that person.

Originally Posted by stulagu View Post
I think you're opinion is terrible. Am I being brutal? Not enough. You sound like a bigot.

stulagu your posts on this thread have put you at gold rank in my books, well done miss
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