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Originally Posted by marina View Post
Maybe I'm being hateful and cunty, but there's absolutely no accord to call me a bigot, especially those of you who know me enough to have interacted with me on the forums for all these years. If he was straight I would have called him a coward too.
You words are that of a bigot, happy now? thats probably why its so shocking, because this is a rare narrow minded opinion from you.

Originally Posted by marina View Post
I'm sorry if I hurt any of your feelings, and I'm sorry if I unknowingly disrespected the memories of your dead friends. I have memories of my own. My view that suicide is cowardly not strictly an armchair hypothesis.

None of us knew this man, we're all just putting the faces of all the suicides we have known in his place.
Way to contradict yourself, how can you generalize and say his suicide was cowardly when you dont know what he was going through. For that matter how can say suicide in any case is. Im not saying it never is, but its completely absurb to make such a generalization.

Originally Posted by marina View Post
And none of you act like you're such saints that if he had died in a more amusing way you wouldn't be LOLing and joking all over this thread.
because we disagree with you we're apparently hypocritical, sanctimonious douchebags
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