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Originally Posted by marina View Post
All I'm saying is that if the same exact kid had died in more entertaining way this thread would be full of people calling him stupid, or an idiot and making fun of his entire existence.

But because he killed himself, he's the holy fucking grail and I can't say he was a dirt bag for what he did. That's bullshit.
It isn't that he killed himself, it is WHY he killed himself that makes this such a sad topic.

And I didn't make fun of the poor segway guy falling off a cliff, I saw the humor in the fact that he owned Segway and died because of one, but I certainly didn't LOL at any time because he was dead.

This entire tragedy of another person seaking out to humiliate another to the point where the person feels there is nothing left to his life is horrible.

I don't think suicide is someone being a coward, that would mean they are scared of life, I think it means that they see no other option. That non existence is better to them then their potential future. That their future is so full of sadness and dispare that they feel it is better to end it now. How sad does a person have to be to do that? I can see where you would say it is selfish because a person who commits suicide doesn't think about how it will affect their family and friends, but calling him a coward and dirtbag just sounds spiteful.
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