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Originally Posted by Insomniac108 View Post
Think about it like this: Someone dumps their significant other and that person kills themself. Could you reasonably charger the person with the death of their significant other? They certainly set up the circumstances which eventually led to the person's death, but they did not make the decision to kill the person or even accidently kill the person. They would be suffering because of the decisions of others and that is not justice.
If you dump someone, and then take the pictures she gave you of her naked and in sexy positions and gave them to her boss who then fired her and THEN spread rumors about her and got her friends to mock her and THEN she committed suicide...I think that is more along the lines of this story.

This roommate purposefully went out to humiliate and slander this boy. There was malicious intent in this, that is totally different than dumping someone.
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