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When Hitler killed himself, now THAT was cowardly.

Some teenager that is struggling with his own sexuality (which unfortunately is a huge deal on its own) and becomes humiliated in front of all his peers and thinks there is just no hope to live a normal life and decides death is the best solution...I don't see that as being afraid to live, more like there is nothing to live for.

And I don't think mental illness is an overall blanket statement for anyone who has committed suicide. I think most suicides are the result of a person that could really use help but isn't getting it. There are many people in that situation, and do other things to cope, suicide is just a more perminent solution than drinking your life away every night or eating your emotions until you weigh 400lbs or beating your kids.

I am a VERY positive person. I look for how to fix things and would not consider suicide as a viable option but I can certainly see how others could. Do I agree with it? no. Do I try to show understanding? I think that is the most helpful route. I also believe in euthanasia under certain circumstances.
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