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Audiobuzzed #63: Comedy Cornucopia
"That's disgusting! Who does that?"

Big Jim and Rhian are back! Rhi's computer died. But thanks to the kindness of friends and strangers who want to see her bewbs online, she has a new lappy. Canadian Thanksgiving is coming, whatever happened to the cornucopia? Audiobuzzed is growing! Thanks for spreading the word. Howard Stern's staff made an awesome prank call. Now Rhian knows what a blumpkin is. Greg Giraldo RIP. Australia's Top Model messes up royally. News: Chad Ochocinco sex line, millionaire times two, courts say no to Chippendales, grandma tries to get out of drunken driving arrest by offering something special to the officer, strip club becomes lame because of new laws and turns to prostitution, and the miracle patch will save your life, fatty!

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