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Originally Posted by fluxquanta View Post
In other news, I'm playing the single player campaign of the new Medal of Honor. I know Keith (and news sources) said that they got rid of the "Taliban" and "Al Qaeda" in the game, but that must just be for multiplayer (which I will not be playing, anyway). I'm killing the shit out of the Taliban and Al Qaeda in the single player mode.
Yeah, it's multi-player only. It's a very silly controversy i think, because if the multiplayer is at it was in the beta it's basically a bunch of people shooting at each other and no one (unless they're already nuts would join the terrorists for that).

What do you think of the campaign? I just gave it a try but the COD4-ization was really heavy....

The good thing about Medal Of Honour were the things that made it different from COD (like the parachuting in airbourne)
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