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Originally Posted by Junkenstein View Post
(like the parachuting in airbourne)
Here's the problem MoH has been suffering with for years now: it seems to be just chasing other shooters. Brothers in Arms had picked up the WW2 shooter slack while MoH floundered, so they did Airborne. "Hey guys, we've got this shooter all about the 101st Airborne. Hey guys, we've even brought on a historical advisor to make our game authentic. You know, what Gearbox did in 2005."

And now it's "Hey guys, lookit our gritty modern war shooter that is rife with military jargon and demonstrations of the incredible power of modern weaponry. And it's gripping, because we tell a super linear and scripted story from the viewpoints of multiple characters! You know, exactly what Infinity Ward did in 2007!"

I think this game is going to be the death of EALA (they've been bleeding out for some time now) and who knows what'll happen to MoH. The weight the name "Medal of Honor" used to have in the shooter community just isn't there anymore, and I highly doubt this game is going to change that.

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