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Audiobuzzed #64: Dong Display
"I enjoy penis. Fine. There. I said it"

Rhian is back with Big Jim after the Canadian Thanksgiving break. She hosted some friends at the Rhisort over the weekend and went out on the town. There's some skin showing in the Keith and The Girl hottest guy and girl contests. And some of Audiobuzzed's listeners are flaunting their stuff there. Rhian likes to look at peen. Crazy Japanese singing holograms. A new segment: Orgasm of the Week! Chilean miners were better off underground. FBI's GPS trackers are huge! News: Justin Beiber punches a 12-year-old for calling him a fag, Obama streaker didn't get the million dollars, Belgian Roman Catholic Church thinks AIDS is a type of justice, dude busted for weed but cop finds the bong he lost seven years ago, and a surprising stabbing at anger management group class.

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