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God, the answer is totally yes, and i'm not saying it with pride.

When i got hammered before crashing my car and having to dry up, i was a mean, annoying, touching, loud obnoxious drunk. Basically if i ever had any bad moods during the week (and i had plenty. always) it would come out ten times stronger when i got drunk.

I usually had a first phase where i was affectionate and happy, but the moodswings always came and i ended up insulting friends, starting fights, crashing stuff, headbutting people, getting my ass kicked and blacking out.

I woke up with bad bruises and vague memories and alaways tried to apologize but people got tired of it after a while.

I think it's probably an accident in kyle's case or he might have some unsolved bad shit that came out that way, since most of the time alcohol doesnt transform you coomplete˛y but amplifies stuff that is there and that you would keep hidden whn you're sober.

Nowadays i get hammered a lot, again, but since i learned how to manage it (in rehab, after basically everyone told me that i had to learn to behave), i'm a jolly drunk. But i know that if i had a bad week, there's a good chance the mean drunk will pop up again, so i try to watch out and get ready for the deserved consequences.

Kyle is a sweet fella, he didnt mean harm. ALcohol is a charming son of a bitch.
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