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Originally Posted by punk'n View Post
Exactly. I haven't puked since my teenage years, I've never been thrown/carried out of a bar. I get a little overly flirtatious, but not slutty, and even that is rare. I never, ever get angry. Mean drunks are scary.
I honestly don't remember the last time I puked from drinking....2007, maybe?

Originally Posted by Junkenstein View Post
Not everyone is so cool and collected that they're able to be in utter control of their emotions even when they're fucked up.

One of the reasons for my drinking was also the fact that it made uninhibited and able to talk and do all the shit i wanted to when i was more awkward and shy.

Now i do the same even when i'm sober but when i was a bumbling teen that was a medicine against demons and awkwardness. Not cool, but that's what it was.
It really depends on what I am drinking. Tequila makes me a fucking nutcase, so I tend to avoid it. I am pretty much a strictly beer girl. I don't like mixing, because I get the "liquor ickies". I DO use drinking as a crutch in social situations, though. I am pretty reserved around people I don't know well, but when I have a few in me, I loosen up and get more social. There have been a number of times that I completely over do it just to compensate for my uncomfortableness. Not so much a good thing.
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