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When I was in college there was only one time that I was carried out of a club by the bouncer. It was total bullshit though.

I saw a girl dancing on the dance floor and I came up and asked her if she wanted to dance. She said, "okay." We started dancing and all of a sudden, BOOM, pain in the back of my head and I fell to the floor. I got up swinging and the bouncer, who everyone called bear cause he was as big as one, LIFTED me and started walking me out of the club. I started yelling, "get the fuck off of me, let me go, I'll fucking sue you!" He dropped me, but still escorted me out.

Apparently the girl's boyfriend coldcocked me in the back of the head. Somehow I got thrown out. Still can't figure that one out. Admittedly, I was pretty wasted at the time.
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