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Before this starts, at the beginning of Kurt's journal entry he notes that this girl is not retarded or has downs syndrome. Because other kids in his high school call this girl retarded.

So one day after school i went to her house, alone and invited myself some Twinkies and i sat on her lap and said, "let's fuck", and i touched her tits and she went into her bedroom and got undresses in front of me with the door open and i watched and realized that it was actually happening so i tried to fuck her but didn't know how and asked her if she had ever done this before and she said a lot of time mainly with her cousin.

I got grossed out very heavily with how her vagina smelled and her sweat reeked so i left. My conscience grew to where i couldn't go back to school for a week and when i went back, i got an in-house suspension in the office for skipping. and that day the girl's father came in screaming and accusing someone of taking advantage of his daughter.

They went in the principals office and yelled at each other and they came out with a yearbook and were going to have her pick me out. But she couldn't because i didn't show up for pictures that year.

During lunch the rumors started and by the next day she told my name and everyone was waiting to yell and cuss at me, calling me "the retard fucker"."

- Kurt Cobain's "Journals"
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