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Originally Posted by moondust367 View Post
I was one the women in front of you engaged men Congrats again! And yes, I did want to kill one of those boys in front of us! I spent Over 600 hundred dollars between flight, hotel, food and DRINKS! All to listen to chatty Cathy's carry on like women exchanging breastfeeding tips and recipies. DISRESPECTFUL!!
Man...I really wanted you to dump ice on them. I'm glad you didn't for the sake of the show, but they would have deserved it. And I think we all would have applauded.

They even had to steal an extra chair to make a space at the table for the three of them. WTF?!?!

Thank you for the congrats. TJ pretty much wins the prize. He's just pumped that people have to pay $10 to see him propose.

(And that I didn't whack his nose for not telling me what he was up to.)
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