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Originally Posted by natrasha View Post
no way OnionBag
I live dahn the hill in Lawrenceville - we are practically neighbors!

And I think a meet-up is a great idea.
At the very least you come down the hill and grab a drink with me in l'ville

Oh...and good job on selling the city
newsy moving here would be most excellent
fuck - keith and chemda and lauren and everyone should move here as well
they could afford 2 houses and a studio in this town
Newsy loved it here. He really did. He's a suburban guy at heart. Pittsburgh seemed to be his speed. Now I have to talk my wife into turning our basement into an apartment so the News can live there. We spoke today I told him he could move in here while he sorted out Pittsburgh life and I'd help him anyway I can. He was blown away by the cost of living here as well. Rent are ridiculously cheap compared to NYC (and the rest of the nation).

Oh and I took him to the Pitt football game. The game he was into because I was into. However he was greatly distracted by the guy next to me (as the FB pics show).

Originally Posted by andyoureuglytoo View Post
We'd do it too. :-)
Originally Posted by amikaligula View Post
Bloomfield here!

And just think, if Keith moved here, his dad could visit him all the time! Wait...
So we have Natrash, myself, amik, and andyou'reugly and man's best friend. It's a good start! There's a few others in WV and OH who probably haven't seen this and would likely come down.

We should see if any of the comedians on the show are in the area. He we could see about booking them at a show here or doing an house show.

What's convenient as well is that with the exception of the Akronites, we're all within blocks of each other with Morningside, Bloomfield and L'Ville. I am in those neighborhoods constantly.
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