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My news/comedy podcast badtimebabble is now on it's 20th episode.
Each episode it feels like we've been figuring out how to make the show better, what works, what doesn't etc. The whole thing has def been a learning experience. Anyways the latest episode is.

Ep20: Two men, in a car, cottaging

This week me and Chris are joined by Leigh Keates, don't let the name fool you, Leigh isn't our first female on the show, Leigh is in fact a guy. A softly spoken hairdresser... But a guy!

Anyways this week we discuss the difference between dogging and cottaging, tramps at Imax films, Halloween costumes, dying pets, zombie weddings and other fantastical things.

So don't delay, listen today or you'll miss out on the best thing since cottaging.. I mean sliced bread!
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