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Podcast app - Switching from Blackberry to Iphone/Ipad

Podcatcher app recommendations for iOS devices needed.

Hi forums. I've been a BB user since they were first sold. We're talking the pager like things that only did monochrome email. I've owned most every generation since then (none of the touch ones though). Work has always provided these and paid the bills. Thanks work.

Recently RIM put out a podcast app that has greatly simplified my life. I plug in my subscriptions, how many episodes I want to keep, etc. It will fetch them over 3G or wifi according to my settings and stores them all on a microSD card. I love not having to sync anything or copy anything over from my desktop.

My Seriosa just gave me an iPad and work just swiched me to an iPhone 4 - all at the same time. I know I can use the KATG app for KATG listening - but I listen to a lot of other podcasts from Marc Maron to serious high-nerd shit.

Any of you iphone gurus have good suggestions for an app that can handle everything on the iphone that the BB app does? I did some google searching and understand that there is (or was) a file size limitation for some downloads and there are lots to choose fom out there. I thought I'd ask here since this is place where people know iOS stuff and listen to podcasts. Paid apps OK if worth it.

Thanks in advance.
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