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Da_ticklah - that is correct. Itunes would be fine if I had one computer that I used and was near every day. I travel quite a bit for work and work on lots of remote desktop scenarios and I haven't had to plug a device in to a computer to sync it for any reason for a while.

I did figure out that I can find and download single episodes in the mobile itunes on the device - but there are no subscription options there.

I'm trying out Podcaster (Formerly RSS Player) on Picard's reccomendation - but according to their blog they are facing being regulated out of existence by Apple's increasingly restrictive terms for app developers. I hope that does not come to pass as I looked at a few others and this one looks great. Also only 99 cents.

CastRoller is also awesome. I love that they have on the front of their channel pages a KATG Fans listing. I hope they somehow stay in business too, as I have yet to understand how they make money off of this service.

Aces babillion, Picard.
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