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Originally Posted by campy View Post
We have a 15 month old and times have been tough between us, we're stressed and sometimes take it out on each other with some pretty heated scream fests. We've both said things we regret and in front of the baby....I have felt like shit about it.

A friend told me that making up in front of your kid helps them be somewhat OK with the fight, makes their world safe again.

But I know how you feel. I told him that we are not going to warp our kid with our problems....we need to keep him first....

Hitting is never ok....she should apologize to you in front of your child and then apologize you your kid, that might help.
Yeah - we did all of that, especially the apologizing to each other but also apologizing to the children (moreso the 4 year old than the 12 month old).

The whole thing left me feeling like shit for days but I made my peace w/ it.
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