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Since i wanted to be fair (and it was on display for free), i played the game more. done the whole first level since the russian prison one.

Good: the graphics, sound and flashiness department is super hyped up. there's greeat use of surround shadows and detailed animations.

Bad: it isnt a game. MW2 was much more playable than this. I guess the Tryarch guys were focusin on the multiplayer aspect. But god the campaignh doesnt make any sense. It is beyond streamlined, For long sections i didnt even have to AIM and the only thing rewuired was pushing the froward button and click sporadically. The whole thing was a loud, beeefy, flashy cutscene with a lot of over the top voice acting (i was played by sam worthington up to then and some of the shit he has to say is amazaigly stupid. i get its a game but the lack of fun in it was also uncanny).

the prison level is a good example. it reminded me of the worst oof the ending part of MW2. You basically have to time your buttons according to what the screen says, never EVER deivate form a straight line (actually i could say that in moments i actually got PUSHED by the game in a direction, if i didnt move). no idea if the anemy has AI, since you cannot play anything strategic to challenge it, you have to move in pre-set directions and thats' it (i know a lot of people say that all COD campaigns had that but rtust me NOT THIS MUCH). And the story is a psychotic mess.

So really, barf.
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