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Originally Posted by stjoe
Worst fucking ending to a series ever. I read the last three books in 4 days and when I finally got to the end I threw the damn book across the room. Stephen King can suck my hairy ass.
King is notorious for weak endings. He builds up to a crescendo and them pffft some supernatural explanation or other unsatisfactory conclusion.

Mind you, I still think hes a great writer. He led the zeitgeist of clear popular writing and was followed by masters such as Grisham and others. I wish he would opt out of supernaturalism and once again compose a great novel such as was glimpsed in The Long Walk, Shawshank, and The Body.

I wait to be blown away by King, to find a novel with an emotional core as he showed in The Stand one which fans and doubters alike will sit back and say give this man a fucking Pultzer and Nobel! I know he has/had it in him.

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