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I'm taking a burning-alone break for a week but I'm blazed now. ^_^ I think I'm going to make a collage after I eat. Maybe go balls out and cut up a few national geographics.
Tonight I finally worked up the courage to knock on my neighbor's door. She moved in a few months ago and sometimes I hear her playing Led Zeppelin through the elevator. So I figure she's gotta burn. Plus, she was burning sage. I knocked. When she opened the door I was like *smile* "Hi, I'm Lilly. Your neighbor from upstairs. Would you like to share a bowl with me? I brought my stuff."
Turns out she's really cool. Her apartment is the perfect young artist Manhattan apartment draped in all sorts of clothing, tapestries, sculptures, art.

In conclusion, fuck yeah, suck yeah.
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When doctorsleep says it, it's weird. When fallingwindows says it, it's arousing. When Junk says it, it's flashbacks.
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