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Originally Posted by EastTexas View Post
That's not true. I click your link and the first thing it asks me to do is install some google chrome shit to view the page. You can't even see their page without installing it. (assuming you haven't already installed whatever this IE add-on is)
Oh sorry, I didn't realize they were using Chrome Frame. That's not a Diaspora limitation it's a browser limitation on your part.

See IE can't understand HTML5 or CSS3, it doesn't follow the HTML4 or CSS2 spec very well either. it's a really really shit browser.

easily 60-90%+ of web content today that you're viewing doesn't function correctly or is using IE specific hacks to try and make any given site barely function "ok" in IE.

even the katg forums - if you view source - you'll see a bunch of "IF IE" specific hacks so the forums don't fuck up in IE.

In addition IE is incredibly insecure. Like visit a webpage and have it download a virus, run it, taking control of your system without even a warning or anything insecure. Microsoft typically leaves hundreds of well known vulnerabilities like this (zero-day remote code execution) that are actively exploited all over the internet wide open with no intention of fixing them. I believe because they generate profit from bundling crap Norton with new computers, and if they made secure products the entire anti-virus anti-spyware industry would collapse.

Internet Explorer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In general IE is about 5-10 years behind other browsers. It's a shit browser and extremely slow. Depending on what stats you look at it doesn't even have close to majority market share in many sectors anymore despite being pre-installed and integrated with Windows.

You're a fool if you keep using it when there's Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera; all of which are super fast, care about patching any security vulnerabilities that are found soon after they're found(ie: safe and stable), and can display a web page written in the last 5 years without almost dying.

a significant amount of IE users today are just big corporations who's sysadmins can't bother to upgrade everyone to a better browser, and old ladies who don't know any better. Who many developers don't care about or aren't worth the time catering to anymore.

If you're too stupid, Diaspora and many other sites use this thing called Google Chrome Frame, which is a plugin - by Google - that "activates" Google Chrome's core rendering engine inside Internet Explorer. It saves developers like me many hours of headaches trying to make alternate versions of their sites and using hacks and IE specific workarounds to gracefully degrade as each version of IE fucks up and is limited in completely different ways.

Once installed, websites that choose to activate Chrome Frame will be able to use the latest web technology, and will be 30000% more secure.

You can get those same security and feature benefits by just using Google Chrome, which I highly recommended - as someone that actually understands the ones and zeros.

Google Chrome - Get a fast new browser. For PC, Mac, and Linux
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