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Originally Posted by standardman View Post

I was cynical about the addition of purchasable items and what they'd do to the balance of the game but it adds a layer of depth where you have to note what the enemy is wearing and the +/- effects of them, all while keeping up with the pace of TF2. It's also a damn good way to pay Valve for the incredible support they've given TF2 and the community for their ideas.
I have probably spent 2x the amount I paid for TF2 on TF2 items. I have still gotten far more value from the game than any other game I have ever played. I'm coming up on 400 hours of play time in the 3 years that I've had it and I still love to play it. Valve turned a great game with a huge userbase into something profitable without forcing people to download extra content if they dont want it and still want to play (like when HALO map packs come out and if you don't buy them you can't really play MP anymore).

I love Valve.
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