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If he really got what he wanted on skype and doesnt want to date with you anymore, he's an idiot and a lousy lay. Skype Sex isnt Sex. Its a fun pastime to have when the real thing isnt available.

How can you feel satisfied when you havent touched skins, felt each other taste, scratched each other and discovered each other spots that drive you insane. Sex is the deal breaker and the greatest way to make a date really meaningful.

If he ditched you for that, you dodged a lousy lay or a guy with serious issues.

But if you feel that you really like him, give him another chamce and have sex. Real Sex. See if he's worth your worries and feelings. Talk, face to face. Have a real kiss, enjoying each other lips and bodies. pacing to each other's heart.

Thats the real heart of any attraction. If he doesnt want or get that.... say goodbye.
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