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I say fuck if you want to fuck.

However, when Dr. BF and I first started dating, he was of the opinion that unless all you want to do is fuck, then sex should wait until you know each other better. I thought it was stupid, but he was really fun, so I held off.

Sometimes I think that things would have worked out no matter how we got together, other times I think he was probably right. For a sex focused person like myself, it's possible I wouldn't have taken the time to know what a great guy he is if we'd fucked right away, because I'd already have what I wanted from the deal, not knowing I was missing out on an incredible friendship in addition to an incredible fuck.

But not every guy is meant to be your best friend and lover, sometimes they're just a fuck and there's nothing wrong with that. So I guess I'm back to fuck if you want to fuck.
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