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Originally Posted by Space Indaver View Post
My DJ Hero 2 will hopefully turn up tomorrow, this is the longest I've ever waited for a game from LoveFilm, people must be keeping hold of it!
I was skeptical of DJ Hero when the first one came out, and I tried it at a gamestore, just for kicks, I was probably playing on a difficulty like expert and with absolutely no prior my first impression was "wtf am I doing?"

But I played DJ Hero 2 a couple weeks ago at a friend's place, and had so much fun I ordered the game on Amazon that same night. I love it...all the songs are fun, even songs that are mixes of songs I don't even like..they're still fun.

That's what I think truly sets this apart from the Guitar Hero/Rock Band games, most of those games consist of 5% songs I love, 10-15% songs I like, and the rest is just shit I do for variety's sake...but this game, it's like...all these songs are just awesome, especially if you play it really loudly. lol
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