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Originally Posted by Space Indaver View Post
Personally I like action anime, and I will only read the modern style of superhero comic. I find the old-school art style completely unrelatable, to the point where I'd say a lot of what came out before all the fancy inking came along was UGLY. As an example, when I read, say, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, it's like I'm watching a movie. When I read Watchmen, it feels like I'm looking at drawings of dudes standing still.?
Movies are one thing, graphic arts are another. the intertwining just hurts both. each has to do different stuff.

when comic books try all to be "like movies" instead of trying to tell stories or evoke sytuff with the different abilities of the medium, all you get is a bunch of lookalike stuff on both ends that really is boring and mediocre.

thats why watchmen might work as an action movie only with strong modification. it wasnt supposed to be a movie. movies are movies, comic books are comic books. end of story.
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