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Originally Posted by Junkenstein View Post
dude, you're such a hater. leave him alone.

Afro Samurai would be intersting look wise but the voices grate me. i know its done on purpose but...

Samurai Chanploo pulled the cool take on the wuxiapan genre better.

some expert friend gave me the Shigurui boxset lately, havent watched yet.

Gantz was nice but it pushed the unlikeable characters factor too much.

and i miss black lagoon.
wth, I just swing by and get the "ur a h8r" comment, but nobody else does?

Anyway, I watched Pokemon and did the trading card game when it first came out (that's right, before it was cool!). And I can appreciate a good tentacle rape now and then. But otherwise, meh, and I don't care to be open minded about it.
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