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Originally Posted by Cretaceous Bob View Post
No, I gave people like you a chance. I've asked anime fans for the name of something that will justify anime to me. That shouldn't be hard to do. Still haven't seen anything that didn't suck. And considering how people go on about the mildly bad Akira as some sort of seminal work, I'm completely sure you're wrong.

"Like any medium". Hah. It shouldn't be hard for people to find something to impress me, then. I've managed to find good everything else on my own. But somehow even asking anime fans what to watch I still end up watching something terrible.
i dont think of it as an artistic medium (but some are so much better drawn then then 99% of the american cartoons) but rather as a another method of entertainment medium.

not all anime is supposed to be funny, like any tv series it can tell a story, be all drama, or comedy, or some pervy thing.

who knows what you like? i dont like most metal, so what? just because you like korn that makes it the best band evar? if you liked CSI tv shows and someone recommended 'scrubs', would you condemn all tv shows? wtf.

if you asked me, i'd recommend some of the better anime movies instead of a series.
without a frame of reference, did you try:
perfect blue
spirited away
princess mononoke
grave of the fireflies?

akira was a breakthru at the time, there wasnt anything like it then. if you watched something like... idk... 'gone with the wind' now, it would be different right?
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