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Originally Posted by BrianAlt View Post
I wonder what kind of Manga/Anime Newsy might like?
Oh I usually tend to find the popular anime, right before it gets popular. I liked DBZ before it blew up on Toonami, I was into Naruto years before America got it. I still watch it because it's around, but I'm not obsessed anymore.

As far as less popular anime goes, I was really into Soul Eater and I'm pissed that they ended it, but I still read the manga.

I like magic girl stuff, so obvi Sailor Moon was the shit. Then I got into all of the Negima?! shows.

I loved the shit out of Drrrrrrrr! and To Aru (both Railgun and Index, but Railgun more), and now I'm watching Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica.. more magic girl stuff.. so sue me.

Oh and I also used to be into the .Hacks and Cowboy Bebop (obvi) and Digimon and Pokemon (newsyCHU anyone?)
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