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For the Sub versus Dub argument, usually it depends on which version i've seen first. Back in the day when I were a lad in the early 90's i was very much limited to a few VHS tapes that could be found in the shops and the very seldom screenings on british terrestrial T.V. channels. So the few vids i managed to buy were usually dubbed and whenever i could record something off telly, eg when BBC2 screened patlabor movie it was subbed. It wasn't until late 90's/early 00's that anime really started becoming more commonplace in stores and on t.v.

One that confused me was blood the last vamipre, i got it on dvd but it was both english and japanese dialogue at the same time, didn't like the story much and the fact that we had to watch it with the subtitles when it was only needed for half the dialogue was confusing and detracted from the experience.
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