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Originally Posted by FletchLives View Post
you're comparing foreign cartoons to domestic live action. this is why you are retarded. i don't need paragraphs to tell you that there are american cartoons and foreign live action shows. you are being very narrow minded. it's like saying, "there are no good american chicken sandwiches. kobe beef is soo much better."
apples to oranges sweetheart
While I said that more Anime appeals to me than American live action nowadays, I'm not comparing the points of one to the points of another. My comparison was solely in the question of "Does more original programming come from Japanese Anime or American live action?" Answered by my humble opinion. So to relate your chicken vs. beef analogy, are there more calories in chicken or beef? Do I get more enjoyment out of fried chicken or a steak? Heh, realize you can compare anything and you'll grow out of the infancy you accuse me of.

When the best comedy on television is borrowed from Britain, the most popular show is basically Star Search, and the buzz show is about some drunk orange freeloaders, I'll try my luck with some Anime. As I said, I do watch some American programming, but I (personally) have a better hit ratio with Anime.

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