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Originally Posted by benjita View Post
For those of you who are haters, do you like American Idol? Okay, if you said yes, then you have no right to call this shit.
I don't like American Idol, so at least I don't not have a right to call this shit.

Originally Posted by benjita View Post
how much more has descended from the likes of The Real World, Survivor and American Idol? Way the fuck too much for me. I don't even want it. Fuck reality. Fuck contestant shows. Fuck "bunch of fucked up people living together". Fuck "let's give something fucking awesome to some downtrodden people". And Fuck "How many worms are you willing to eat and people to fuck over for you to win a million dollars?".
Reality television isn't unique to America, and Japan has its swarm of shitty shows just as well. The real reason reality programming is so ubiquitous is its low production costs, which in turn promotes competition for the easy profits. It's not an indicator of cultural degradation specific to America alone.

There's ______ Idol for a lot more countries than America.

Originally Posted by benjita View Post
Fucking faggot.

Originally Posted by benjita View Post
Part of what most Americans don't understand about Animé is that there is no set rules. You don't have to have action to be animated. You don't have to be kid-oriented to be animated.
We have South Park and other shit.

Originally Posted by benjita View Post
Brilliantly designed temples that probably have a cracked foundation in real life. And angles that only an artist can get just right.
Agreed, artists > city planners > architects


Originally Posted by FletchLives View Post
so benjita, you like anime because it does things live action can't do?
apples to oranges buddy. you're generalizing so much it's toddler-esque.
Let's be honest, it'll be at least another 5 years before we have the technology to reproduce this in real life:


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