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Originally Posted by benjita View Post
The problem with the "legend" of Akira is that it's so 15 years ago. And the animation reminds us too much of early '80s anime, kind of like a Gundam or Voltron. The dub company was an early company, so you look at it and you see outdated animation and bad dubbing. It really lost a lot in the vast improvements made in dubbing/animation over the last 10-20 years.
I saw Akira 15 years ago and didn't like it then I get Cheesy dubbing most of the Gundam (0080, 0083 series) I saw back then were Fan-subs so production quality was real spotty and I enjoyed those; Akira is just shit.

I've been a Fan of Robotech for 20+ years I know it's cheesy but I fell in love with it as a child.
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