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Originally Posted by Bucho View Post
The dub companies seem to use "voice artists" instead of actors, and they overplay the everliving shit out of it. And that's probably fine for kids' shows, where you have to play big and stupid to hold the kids' attention, but for non-kid stuff like Cowboy Bebop it fucks the characters into oblivion.

I don't speak a word of Japanese but from the few animes I've seen those saki drinking mofos play the characters' voices infinitely cooler. If I'd seen this scene below in dubs before I'd watched the show with the real Japanese voices I never would have watched the show. In fact I can't even watch this whole scene in dubs it's so abysmal. It sounds childish. It hurts me right in my soul. These guys look the same as Jet and Spike, but they're not Jet and Spike. They're ass.
Just like one bad actor can ruin a perfectly good story, one bad voice actor can ruin a perfectly good dub. Overall, Spike wasn't that bad, I've seen far worse, but I totally get that one. Sometimes, it's the translation that's totally off, which a lot of times is trying to make the mouths fit the words. Those often result in a very different story, which for fans of the manga, ruins it. Others, it's the voice that just doesn't fit (like throwing a far-too-young sounding voice in a teenager, or a far-too-gruff voice for a guy), or lack of enthusiasm, or practice, or even proper pronounciation. It actually grates my ears sometimes whe a "Sasuke" is pronounced "Sa-suu-ke". I try not to be elitest, but I can't help it sometimes.

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