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Originally Posted by Bucho View Post
I don't know how bad Spike's dub was compared to other dubs, I just know it was shithouse compared to the original actor who played him.
the director of cowboy bebop is on record saying that the English voice cast is superior to the original Japanese cast.

The only problem I have with Dubs is when they give characters accents that they shouldn't have. Osaka from Azumanga Diaoh should not have a southern accent!

I will still stand by what I said, Most anime fans who like subtitles are just weeaboos who like to pretend that they are japanese.

I go to an anime club at my school and if somebody puts in a DVD and the English voice comes on EVERYONE IN THE ROOM YELLS AND SCREAMS AND BOOS!!

Its ridiculous

They are the same people who complain about the Evangelion Dub (which is perfect) that they change the term form children to child. In the subtitles it says that Shinji is the 3rd Children or that Auska is the 2nd Children, they don't get that

#1 That sounds retarded in english
#2 It means the same damn thing

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