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Originally Posted by Medium Brumski View Post
Torchlight is a pale-ass comparison to Diablo.
I don't remember directly comparing the two, although I understand your inference since I mentioned it immediately afterwards. Though, I might have mentioned Diablo because of number of individuals who worked on Torchlight were also part of the Diablo team back in the day. Or, I might have mentioned it because Torchlight reminds me of Diablo. Or, I could have mentioned it to ignite some short-lived debate about Torchlight v. Diablo.

In any case, I find Torchlight a great little game. Very simple, addictive, fun.

I REALLY wish they would have included co-op/multiplay. Even PvM would have been fine with me. Who doesn't remember those Diablo and Mephisto runs, spamming the mouse the instant the boss died? Ahh the good ol days.

Cow run

Go Canada!
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