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Originally Posted by Junkenstein View Post
agreed. still there are console games who dont do the excessive QTE thing (i used to think all console games were that way, until i played some good ones)

i trust your judgement on Crysis 2, you did some good calls in the past. weird that the weekend confirmed guys did not mention it (although they were polarized). they're not sellouts.
I never heard of them. I think I just found it, a podcast? I'll have to subscribe.

On PC Gamer, I think one of the editor, Evan, was complaining about the armor tutorial. You walk up and they freeze you and give a speech about what armor does (does anyone not know what armor means?). Then everything in the game stops until you press Q. You're standing next to some explosive, so the game then waits for an enemy to shoot the explosive, which blows up next to you and doesn't kill you. Thanks "armor"!

Maybe I'm just getting old, but I'm ready to turn off a game right there for something like that. There was a time when games had a manual and I had fun reading through it. I'd know what every item and weapon did going in.

I'm not sure this will embed right, but skip to 5:40 to see the section I'm talking about. This annoying guy talking is not me. Keep in mind, the parts where's he's not moving, he's prevented from moving by the game.

YouTube - Crysis 2 Let's Play/Walkthrough Part 3: Maximum Armor

Keep watching for a couple minutes to see the hand holding further in the map where it says "tactical options". It's an overlay where it shows you exactly where to go, rather than have adults figure it out themselves. This isn't a one time tutorial either. Things like this come up through the entire game. It even tells you when to crouch and jump.
There's even a suit upgrade later to show you where enemies are shooting from and where they have/will be walking.

Sorry for the rant on this game. This degradation of my previous favorite hobby just infuriates me.
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