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Uncast 202: Crotchless Basket

Itís Universary 4 bitches! Weíve got tons of guests both old and new, it was Super Moon that night, there was lots of drinks flowing and great Victoria cooked foods as always and of course a show. The show begins with a HUGE announcement: Butch was not going to be there. Well, okay that wasnít the real announcement but he really didnít show.

On the show we grabbed a bunch of questions, asked them of everyone and got the conversation going that way. Turns out from our last party show, thatís a great way to keep a show going when you have 10-15 drunk guests on the show all at once. Daniel learns some shit from a podcast, Victoria has a very short Awesome List, Rhian has whore news as always and thereís a shared sexual fantasy that you have to hear to believe. Listen and you might even hear a point when it all got to be just a bit too much.
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