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Played but only for a bit as they are on trial in the store i work at.

- Homefront: I dont really get whats supposed to be good about it. It looks like a game form ten years ago, you move like you're on a shopping cart. The story is supposed to be good but its ounds liek the usual rabid stuff Milius wrote in the 80's ("COMMUNISTS! ASIAN COMMUNISTS!" Shut up, old man). The characters spend more tiem shouting you to do shit than actually having an AI. I think the multiplayer might be better, but i dont see why shouls anyone like this, when theres much better games around.

- Crysis 2: yes, very streamlined. BUT it is cool beyond belief. Very consolized at time, but once you get to the city, its bteer. and boy does it look and sound great. havent gone really through ti but it made me feel like the hand of god at times, and that was enjoyable.

got and will play more:

- Enslaved: i'm lovign it. great character design. nice classic approach to you as a brute protecting a charming and well done femnale character. the unreal also fits rusty decaying landscapes so well. sucked me in.
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