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It's a two fer:

TiltedHaloCast # 21: No Cum On The Tiara –
“It’s like an inner city high school in your vagina”
This week The Angels discuss:
Sex toys
Sesame Street
Vagina Olympics
Advice (send us your questions!)
Koala Diseases for 200.

And Uncast! Uncast
204: All Yur Holes R Filled w/ Bad Puddins

Recorded April 10th, we start right off with an awesome beer from Irondale Brewery. Eunichs mess up Victoria’s head but we fix it with Corralejo resposado tequila. Eunichs as midgets? We move from eunichs to pregnant Juggalettes. Somehow this leads to a disturbing PSA. Warning, it’s worse than eunichs and pregnant Jugalettes.
"It's like when your pussy broke back in your hooker days." - Keith
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