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New/Used Car Help!

Hi all,

My beloved bug, Blue Belle, was squished on Wednesday by a mean lawncare truck and has been totaled.
(I was stopped at a light, the truck driver was distracted/texting and hit me, causing me to roll into the car in front of me. Everyone was okay and the other cars were perfectly fine)

With that being said, I need a new/used car. I had my bug for the last 6 years and don't really know the any cars out there. I need your help!

Any suggestions on cars for a single 23 year old? Here are some things I'm looking for:
-I don't have kids, and don't plan on having kids for a while, so this car does not need to accommodate little ones.
-I would love for it to be fuel efficient. I prefer a hybrid but am not sure if I will have enough $ for one.
-I mostly drive around locally, but do drive 80 miles round trip once a week for work.
-Depending on the insurance settlement, I will probably only have $ for a used car or a really cheap new one.
-I live in the South, so A/C is a must, moon roof is preferable.
-I want to be safe!

Also, any cars you recommend NOT driving will be equally appreciated.

Thanks for the help!

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