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Originally Posted by marina View Post
I don't know what your price range is, but I have a 2007 Honda Fit Sport.

And, if your bug was one of the newer models, you'll really appreciate how a Honda can go for months, sometimes years with no more mechanic trips than regular maintenance requires.
I've heard good things about Fit Sports, thanks for the suggestions. And low maintenance is perfect!

Originally Posted by punk'n View Post
I love love LOVE Hondas. Mine is a '92 and I still drive an hour a day to get to work with no problems.

I wouldn't recommend a used car as old as mine, but the price was right and I don't have many problems with it. My point is, Hondas will run FOREVER if you take care of them.
Honda's sound great! My mom has a newer CRV (2008?) and she hasn't had to have it repaired yet.

Originally Posted by Lord of the Cock Rings View Post
Honda engines last for-ever, not uncommon to go 250-300k miles without a rebuild.

Don't be afraid of buying an older one with 150,000 + on it. I did 3 years ago and it still runs great even if the body is rusting away.
Good to know. My bug had 78,000 miles and I was planning on running it into the ground.

Originally Posted by fluxquanta View Post
Whatever you do, never, ever buy a vehicle from a "buy here pay here" dealership or any place that brags about doing their own financing.
Great advice!
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