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Originally Posted by bluecrucial View Post
I love GiantBomb. Dunno if you listen to the podcast but I'm now ascared of LobstaMonstas.
I love Giant Bomb and I love the Bombcast. That Burnout Crash bit was hilarious.
Originally Posted by naberdy View Post
I'd like to hear some suggestions for shooters, which are a few of your favourites? I feel like the majority of shooters end up being pretty mediocre.
Bad Company 2 and TF2 are kings of the multiplayer shooter genre for me. Halo is also quality gameplay, despite the bad reputation the gaggle of morons have given it.

I don't have any crazy good unknown shooters. But I don't see a compelling argument to not play Battlefield or TF2 when I want to play a shooter.
Originally Posted by fluxquanta View Post
Oh yes, please enlighten us to the superior shooters you play.
Try to tell me Brink is worth my time more than TF2 and Battlefield. I've seen how Brink plays, I don't know what you're getting pissy about. If I was going to drop that much money on a new shooter I'd buy Crysis 2, and if I wanted to buy something that looked about on par with Brink I'd buy Section 8: Prejudice because it's way cheaper. Or how about Killzone. Brink covers ground so close to the modern class-based iron-sights shooter that I really don't understand how BF and TF2 don't immediately strike you as superior products. I'd listen if somebody was saying that they were making a UT2004 style game again, but you want to sell me a decent class-based team-based shooter with iron-sights weapons with attachments and perks? Fuck off. For making fun of CoD, you sure are being a defensive little pecker about a game that sticks very, very close to the contemporary shooter archetype that CoD4 established. I haven't liked CoD since 4, but I'd rather play more of 4 than Brink.

Are you seriously trying to suggest in a douchey sarcastic manner that you have no idea what I'm talking about when I say there are much better shooters to play than Brink and a lot of them?

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